Hitachi Capital America Corp.


The backbone of our organization is talented, highly motivated employees.

Hitachi Capital America is a growing mid-size leasing and financial services company with a recognized name that is respected around the world. We have strong internal development programs to provide outstanding career opportunities to motivated performers.

We are successful because we consistently meet and exceed customer needs, both internal and external. Excellence in customer service, in combination with our dedication to employee development, positions Hitachi Capital America for long-term success.

Open Careers

If you possess the same drive for excellence and growth, and would like to join our team, please review our current career opportunities to see if your skills match our needs. We provide competitive compensation and excellent employee benefits.

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Fraud Warning

Be aware that there are individuals who are fraudulently claiming to be recruiters for Hitachi, but are in no way affiliated with Hitachi or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. They have sent unsolicited emails from non-Hitachi email addresses (e.g. advertising jobs with Hitachi that do not exist. In particular, Hitachi does not offer any check cashing jobs. The individuals attempt to make their communications appear legitimate by the unauthorized use of Hitachi trademarks and copyright material. Some common signs that an employment communication is a scam include:

– Any unsolicited job offer or employment opportunity
– Request to cash fraudulent checks and monetary transfers
– Correspondence from e-mail accounts such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail
– Misspelling and grammatical errors
– Get rich quick language
– Failure to list a specific location for the job
– Request for Social Security Number or financial information

Hitachi has contacted appropriate authorities and has taken measures to attempt to prevent these individuals from continuing to deceive applicants who seek employment at Hitachi.

If you receive any of these recruitment emails, please let Hitachi know by submitting an inquiry and filing a report of the incident on the FBI’s Internet Complaint Center.