Hitachi Capital America Corp.

Commercial Finance

Business Finance


We offer asset-based loan solutions that support working capital and term financing needs for growing companies based on accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment. It can be used to create additional cash flow, fund new sales, expand operations, enter new markets, and more.

Funding and Portfolio Services


We offer third-party funding services and programs, with per-transaction financing for flow relationships, as well as acquisitions of capital equipment and software financing portfolios; portfolio servicing, credit reviews, documentation and private label invoicing; and warehouse lines and individual transaction funding.

Structured Finance


Looking to finance a specific project, such as IT or clean energy? Hitachi Capital America offers structured term financing for companies with BB- or equivalent credit rating or better. Offering turnaround times that typically consists of 24 hours and customized solutions, Hitachi can help your business get your project off the ground and running in no time.

Technology Finance


We provide financing to both value-added resellers and vendors, solving liquidity constraints by providing the total capital required by the technology provider to manage the entire supply chain from start to finish.

Vendor Services


We provide a unique service to manufacturers of equipment and software in the form of vendor programs that are creative, competitive, and professionally administered.