Hitachi Capital America Corp.

Structured Finance

Fast and Flexible Term Financing for Specialized Programs and Projects

Don’t let financial resources be a hurdle to completing your next big project. Let Hitachi Capital America finance it, whether it means a big software deployment, installation of clean tech devices, purchasing new equipment, an acquisition, or addressing your transportation needs, our structured finance solutions can help.

Structured Finance Solutions

With term financing designed just for programs and projects, Hitachi Capital America can help you finance the needs of your business.

We look for clients that have investment grade or near investment grade financial profiles, as well as credit quality typically of BB- equivalent or better. We do service clients with credit profiles as low as B- on a case-by-case basis.

Most of our investment hold sizes range from $500,000 to $25 million, with the ability to go up to $100 million for select clients. Most loans are less than five years, while some with longer dated assets may be 10 years. A variety of customized financing solutions are available, including PPA, finance lease, off-balance sheet structures, SPVs, Saas, and secured loans.

We have built a reputation for being a reliable funding source to our origination partners, which include consultants, vendors, developers, captives, banks, and independent financing companies.

Example financing projects include:

  • Lighting retrofits
  • Software installations
  • Hardware upgrades
  • HVAC optimizations
  • Solar projects
  • EV charging stations
  • Energy management software
  • Thermoelectric generator


Advantages of Hitachi Capital America

Through the years, Hitachi Capital America has developed a specialization in financing the technology and energy sectors. This knowledge and area of understanding allow us to better understand and serve our clients as they seek financing, launch new programs, and install specialized hardware.

As a non-regulated finance company, Hitachi gets deals done fast. There are no committees that need to meet. Approvals for standard transactions are typically done within 24 hours of receiving the completed information package. That means your project gets moving tomorrow, rather than next week, next month, etc.

As a unit of Hitachi Ltd., we are able to leverage the organization’s financial strengths to offer competitive rates. We also seek non-traditional transactions, and enjoy assembling customized solutions that advance our clients operations and business opportunities.

We also provide financing on a wide variety of assets, ranging from traditional hard collateral to IT hardware and software licenses, professional service contracts and energy saving solutions.

Additional Information

Interested in learning more? Contact Chris Pagano at (203) 956-3235 or to hear more about our structured finance solutions.