Hitachi Capital America Corp.

Technology Finance

A Growth Solution Designed for VARS and Vendors

Hitachi Capital America provides supply chain financing in the technology marketplace. By offering transformative flooring and other capital solutions, we help tech resellers grow their business without constraints or added capital.

Technology Finance Solutions for VARs and Vendors

Unlike traditional flooring, our solution relies exclusively on the outstanding credit of the end customer accounts. There are no restrictive financial covenants, no line caps, no personal guarantees, no administration fees and no bad debt risk. Hitachi Capital America also provides 100% PO financing, so our customers never experience a capital squeeze.

Additionally, our team helps vendors and distributors sell more services and solutions. We pay the VAR’s vendors and distributors precisely per terms by managing the funding process and making direct payments. This increased capital availability allows VARs to go after big sales, with Hitachi Capital America paying the vendors and distributors every step of the way.

Advantages of Hitachi Capital America

We actively maintain open credit terms at over 500+ technology vendors and distributors. Unlike banks and flooring companies, we advance the total amount of capital needed to fulfill the technology provider’s entire sale and cash conversion cycle—all with the flexibility that comes from having no financial covenants or line size restrictions. Using our vendor neutral approach, VARs get 100% financing at the vendors they know and trust with unlimited buying power and maximum flexibility.

Additional Information

Interested in learning more? Contact Paul Stemler at (949) 433-1024 or to hear more about our technology finance solutions.