Hitachi Capital America Corp.

Trade Financing

Non-Bank Solutions

Companies often have financing needs that their bank may not provide. Hitachi Capital America is a trusted partner for these companies and their banks, providing trade financing solutions such as true sale receivables purchase, payables finance facilities, and inventory procurement services. We work with companies around the world with between $100 million and $5 billion in revenue that seek incremental liquidity and/or improvement in various balance sheet and operating metrics.

Trade Financing Solutions

  • True Sale Receivables: Selling receivables improves days sale outstanding, working capital, liquidity, credit risk, and customer concentration. Purchases are often done without notification and with our client retaining servicing, making the transaction invisible to customers. Hitachi purchases receivables due from credit-worthy customers in many jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Payables Finance Facilities: Your supplier can access early payment for approved invoices, and you can negotiate better benefits with your suppliers such as extended terms, discounts, and lower unit prices.
  • Inventory Procurement Services: Keep inventory off your balance sheet. We will take ownership of your inventory (both foreign and domestic), paying your suppliers early, delivering the goods, and transferring ownership when and where you need it.

Advantages of Hitachi Capital America

Our team works hand-in-hand with banks, not against them. We understand how important a complete relationship benefits you, the client. In fact, banks are very supportive of our services because it allows your needs to be met and makes you more successful.

Additionally, we understand the need to keep inventory fluid and off your balance sheet. With our inventory procurement solution, you receive all the advantages of running a “lean” supply chain with none of the risks. It operates like a Just-in-Time program with lower costs.

Additional Information

Interested in learning more? Contact Tim King at (415) 706-8184 or for more information on trade financing, as well as our other solutions.