Hitachi Capital America Corp.

Vendor Services

Vendor financing for equipment and software manufacturers and distributors

We have been providing manufacturers and distributors with creative and competitive vendor financing solutions for nearly 20 years. In that time, we have maintained and grown successful partnerships with some of the industry’s leading companies.

Strategies for Growth

– Gain a competitive advantage by offering financing solutions your competitors do not offer

– Build brand loyalty through a private label financing program

– Increase sales and transaction sizes by providing low monthly payments to customers

– Recurring revenue model to grow your top line

– More account control to contact customers before they seek upgrades

– Get paid faster and reduce days sales outstanding

Advantages of Hitachi Capital America

– We are a non-bank partner which means we have our own credit authority and are able to provide more flexible financing solutions.

– Recurring revenue model focused to provide our vendor partners with additional account control to grow their top-line.

– Added value to our partner’s sales processes by providing financing solutions for their customer’s specific needs.

Additional Information

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Construction: Ivan Franklin, Vice President
(952) 826-7872

Technology: Brent Broussard, Senior Vice President
(952) 516-7197

Fitness: Carolyn Collins, Vice President
(952) 698-5534

Heathcare: Jason Koby, Senior Vice President
(952) 826-7883